Platypus Develops A Plan To Indemnify Users After Attack

Key Points: Platypus, a stablecoin exchange project, is working on a plan to reimburse victims of the attack.
To confirm the results of the shared project, it will take more time.
Funds that are held on AAVE are being recovered is one method being considered.
Platypus, a stablecoin exchange project, has stated that it is developing a plan to compensate users. It also reminds users not to refund current stablecoin USP.
“We are currently working on a plan for compensating the losses. Please DO NOT repay your USP, and realize the losses. It would be easier to manage the damage. You don’t need to worry about liquidation since liquidation is paused. The stability fee after an attack will not count.”
This project tweeted. Although the team is working with all parties in order to repair the damage they are still awaiting confirmation from law enforcement. Once that is done, the team will make further announcements. The team is also exploring ways to recover funds that are trapped in AAVE. This will require the presentation and approval of a recovery proposal to AAVE admin forum. However, yesterday, BlockSEC, a crypto security firm, helped Platypus to get back $2.4million from the attackers by installing an upgraded proxy. The attacker can only recover a fraction of the stolen funds with this assistance. Yajin Zhou, BlockSec’s co-founder, said that this was done to reclaim the attacker’s contract. According to Yajin Zhou, the attacker’s contract does not have a transfer function. This left $8 million worth of assets stranded. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: # Cryptocurrencies#MarketsBlockchaincryptoIndemnifyPlatypus