OptionRoom Deployer Wallet Was Hacked By A Malware Attack

OptionRoom, a user-governed oracle/prediction protocol, tweeted that it was the victim of a malware attack on December 6. This attack allows hackers to gain access to the victim’s deployer wallet. OptionRoom has begun to track assets and called the police in an effort to find the hackers. OptionRoom is also tracking assets and has called the police to track down the hackers. OptionRoom has been monitoring the transactions of the hacker’s wallet over the past few days and found that the attacker pretended to be a representative of another cryptocurrency investment company and invited the target to join a new chat group in Oct 2022 to discuss the fees charged by bitcoin exchange platforms. This, along with the fact that the attacker was more knowledgeable about a particular sector of the industry, suggested that they were well-prepared for the challenge facing the targeted companies. Disclaimer: This website provides general market commentary but does not provide investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comThanaCoincu NewsTags: # CryptocurrenciesattackBlockchainCrypto wallethackersmalware