Optical Illusion Challenge: Find the Hidden Lido DAO Tokens in 3 Seconds!

Illusion is a Latin word that means to trick or mock. The optical illusion challenge is used to increase observation skills and test IQ. It teaches their minds to see beyond what is obvious and to think beyond the first thought. They also help them identify their hidden desires and personalities. This challenge requires you to locate all Lido DAO tokens within 3 seconds.
Are you ready?


Optical Illusion Challenge: Find the Hidden Lido DAO Tokens in 3 Seconds!

The image above shows a number of Lido DAO tokens (LDO) hidden in plain sight. To complete the challenge, you will need to locate them all within three seconds.
People with sharp minds and good observation skills will be able spot all tokens within the time limit. Optical illusion challenges are ideal for people who want to improve their intelligence and understand their IQ levels.
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Are you sure that you have spotted all the LDO tokens? Hurry, half of the allotted time has passed and the countdown is on.


Time’s up.
If you can’t spot them all, don’t worry! The solution is below.
Find Lido DAO Tokens – Solution

Interesting facts about Lido DAO
Lido DAO allows liquid staking solutions that allow cryptocurrencies to be liquified for use in other protocols. Liquid staking is the act of receiving liquid tokens that can then be used to stake other protocols. LDO has hovered around $2.65 over the past 24 hours. This cryptocurrency has been on a steady upward trend for the past 7 days, increasing by 20.85%.
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