Optical Illusion Challenge: Can you find all FET tokens in 3 seconds?

Optical Illusion Challenge: Despite people’s changing attention spans, these challenges have been able to capture people’s attention. Based on studies of the brain’s effects of optical illusions, scientists have been able identify which brain parts are activated by people engaging in optical illusions.
Our brains are able to detect depth, shading, lighting, position and other details in order to interpret what we see. Optic illusions can be classified as abstract art, unrealistic optimism and geometrical-optical illusions. They are a variety of things that we perceive differently.


Optical Illusion Challenge – Find FET tokens in 3 Seconds

FET tokens are hidden in plain view in this optical illusion image. You can spot them all in three seconds if you have good eyesight. This optical illusion challenge will test your observation skills.
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Pay attention to the image to see if there are any FET tokens.
The countdown has begun.


Times are changing
Want to find out where it is? Below is the solution to this Optical Illusion Challenge.
FET Tokens in 3 Seconds – Solution

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