Offchain Labs: Prysm has a new update, EIP-4844 is in development

Key Points: The Prysm team has now implemented all core functions that support withdrawals within the Capella.
The shadow fork was successfully completed by the team using the Devnet3 configuration on Sepolia’s testnet.
Prysm also created the EIP-4844 network and solved many problems.
Offchain Labs posted a blog post updating the client Prysm on Capella and EIP-48444. The blog post also stated that withdrawals will be included with the Shapella (execution Layer’s Shanghai + Consensus Layer’s Capella) network update. Both partial and full withdrawals are possible.
Partial withdrawals: Earnings that exceed 32 ETH are considered partial withdrawals.
The Prysm team has implemented and reviewed all core functions that support withdrawals during the Capella upgrade in default branch “develop”. They are also designing solutions to handle extreme situations such as broadcasting BLSToExecutionChange message before and after forks, and extending the CLI tool prysmctl offered by Prysm to improve the user’s withdrawal experience. Devnet 4, 5, 6 and 7 were launched at the January interop conference. They test validator credential changes using a mainnet-sized validater list. The shadow fork was also completed successfully using the Devnet3 configuration on Sepolia’s testnet. Testnets like Sepolia and Goerli will also launch withdrawals within the next weeks. The KZG library also changed the backend go kzg to Gnark in preparation for the audit that will take place over the next month and half. The execution layer design of the blob transaction pool is maturing. It solves the coupling-decoupling problem between blocks in the consensus layer. However, new specification changes and client implementations will still be required. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: CapellaEIP-4844ETHEthereumOffchain LabsPrysmShapella