Nike’s NFT Series RTFKT CLoneX Transaction Volume Has Exceeded 800 Million US dollars

Key Points: The total number of transactions using Nike’s NFT series RTFKT CLoneX has exceeded 800 million US dollars.
Over 30,000 trades were made and 7,559 holdings total were established.
According to CryptoSlam statistics on February 12, Nike’s NFT Series RTFKT CloneX transaction volume surpassed 800 millions US dollars. The series’ transaction volume reached 100 million US dollars in December 2017, which means that the indicator has risen by more than 700% over the past 14 months. The project has seen $65 million in transaction activity, according to CryptoSlam. This is just three weeks after its initial drop. After receiving an $8 million seed round investment in May, the company was valued at $33.3million. This was led by Andreessen Horowitz. RTFKT’s co-founder Benoit Pagotto was quoted as saying that it was a unique opportunity to build the brand. He also stated that RTFKT was “thrilled” to use Nike’s fundamental strength to help build the communities that matter to them. RTFKT also collaborated with other crypto companies to produce products such as shoes made from real artwork from other NFT projects. These projects included CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, and others. RTFKT also issued its own NFT drops. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: BlockchainmarketNFTNikeNike NFT