crypto suddenly hacked for Phishing Campaign disguised as MetaMask

Key Points:Namecheap’s SendGrid email address was stolen and used to launch an attempt at phishing pretending to be DHL and MetaMask.
MetaMask reminded its customers not to click on links in unsolicited email purporting to come from the company.
Namecheap’s email account was compromised. This led to a wide-ranging phishing campaign that aimed at stealing cryptocurrency from thousands of users. Hackers used it for their phishing attacks. The attacker used the account to phish. The DHL phishing email claimed to be a delivery cost invoice. The MetaMask email phishing email stated that KYC verification was required in order to avoid wallet suspension. In order to trick victims into giving personal information, the emails and websites are made to appear legitimate. The information is used to commit fraud such as identity theft and unlawful access to financial accounts. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: #MetaMask ‘MetaMaskMetaMask walletNamecheapScamscam alertscammers