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Michael Saylor is an American entrepreneur and business executive. MicroStrategy’s CEO is Saylor, who co-founded it. The company provides cloud-based services, business intelligence, mobile apps, and cloud-based service.
Michael Saylor’s Net worth
Saylor is an investor and entrepreneur who holds 29 patents in security, automation and business intelligence. Michael Saylor is worth $2.6 billion. MicroStrategy is his primary business, as well as Saylor Academy. The company was originally designed to create software for data mining. However, it quickly switched its focus to software that can be used for business intelligence activities. His second claim to fame is his bullish Bitcoin investments. Saylor is a cryptocurrency whale with approximately 130,000 bitcoins.
Saylor lived in Miami Beach, Florida at the opulent Villa Vecchia. L.M. built the 18,000-square-foot waterfront home. Barrett built the 18,000-square-foot waterfront mansion in 1928. It has 13 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a 150-person grand room. It also features a grand master suite with mahogany-paneled library and formal dining room. There is a pool pavilion, waterfront gazebo, and dock large enough for a 100-foot yacht. There are two bedrooms in the guest house and a detached gym with a bathroom and steam room. Saylor also resides in McLean, Virginia.
Michael Saylor’s early journey
Michael Saylor was born in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1965. Saylor was unable to pursue his dream of becoming pilot in his early years due to a medical condition. He instead joined the Federal Group consulting company, where he worked in computer simulation modeling. His career began in 1987, when he joined The Federal Group, Inc. He then moved to DuPont in 1998. MicroStrategy Incorporated was founded by Michael shortly after he left those two companies.
The company specializes on cloud computing, mobile software, business intelligence, and mobile software. In 1997, Saylor founded Angel, which was later purchased for $110 million in liquid capital. In 1998, Saylor made MicroStrategy public and became the richest man in Washington, DC by the beginning of 2000. was also founded that year.
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Two years after Angel was sold for cash, he founded The Saylor Foundation which focuses exclusively on free education. was launched in 2008.
Michael Saylor Vision
Michael is an AI and technology visionary. He believes in thinking outside of the box to create a better future. He believes that investments in technology advancement are the best investments. It is possible to improve the world and look for paradigm shifts that are driven by elemental inventions.


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