Michael Saylor was criticized for the Sam Bankman-Fried Statement. Here’s why

Michael Saylor Latest Tweet news: The crypto community has criticised American entrepreneur Michael Saylor’s latest support for Sam Bankman-Fried. MicroStrategy cofounder Michael Saylor is well-known for his support of Bitcoin adoption in the financial sector. His company is the largest institutional holder in Bitcoin, despite suffering heavy unrealized losses from recent price drops. Saylor, who was Microstrategy CEO, resigned earlier this year to focus on crypto.
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Saylor is known for his ability to tweet random statements about Bitcoin and its future prospects. In a recent tweet, he expressed support for FTX founder, who is currently under intense regulatory scrutiny due to allegations of fraud with user money. The tweet by Saylor was criticized heavily by the crypto community, already suffering from the FTX crash. Saylor’s statement focused on the role of SBF in increasing Bitcoin adoption.
“Sam created a million Bitcoin Maximalists.”
A crypto enthusiast responded to this by saying that maximalists advocate centralized protocols over decentralized Finance (DeFi). Mario Romero tweeted,
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“Maximalist promoted centralized venues instead DeFi. Sam defrauded many people who listened to him.


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