MEV-Boost has surpassed 100,000 ETH since the Ethereum Merge last year

Key Points: According to the MEV Boost Dashboard, MEV Boost has recently crossed 100,000 ETH ($162 Million) since September’s Ethereum Merge.
According to the Flashbots dashboard Flashbots processed the bulk all Ethereum blocks in the months starting in 2023.
According to the MEV Boost Dashboard, Flashbots’ maximum extracted value (MEV), tool, MEV Boost, has surpassed 100,579 ETH ($162million) since September. This is a significant milestone compared to the state of block-building before The Merge. Ethereum, however, used a proof of work governance approach.
There are 8-10 builders that are now competitive. I believe MEV-Boost is doing a good job.
According to Hasu, the majority of all Ethereum blocks have traveled through Flashbots since 2023. This is according to data from the Flashbots dashboard. Despite its popularity, there is some debate about Flashbots censoring transactions routed through a sanctioned privacy service called as Tornado Cash.As a result, MEV-Boost, which has done a lot to decentralize the MEV space, has been developed to help minimize centralization.According to Alchemy, proposer-builder separation (PBS) is a potential measurement for addressing censorship in the MEV ecosystem by detaching block-building and assignment from one another and assigning the duties to separate roles on the network.MEV-Boost Surpassed 100,000 ETH Since The Ethereum Merge Last Year 4According to Hasu, PBS is a partially accomplished integration for MEV-Boost, saying that MEV-Boost is a proto-PBS in the sense that it is an external piece of software rather than part of the Ethereum protocol, and it also relies on some additional trust assumptions.
The upside is that it’s much easier to get it done this way and we can iterate on market design before enshrining any protocol.
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