Metaverse Highstreet Project NFT Floor Prices Increased by 160% in 24 Hours

Key Points: The Metaverse Highstreet project increased the floor price for the NFT Forever Fomo Duck Squad collection by more than 160% within 24 hours.
The momentum has seen the HIGH token gain 170% in 24 hours and its current price is $3.49.
According to data the floor price for the NFT ForeverFOMO Duck Squad project has increased 157.56% in 24 hour and is currently 0.143 ETH. Forever FOMO is the genesis collection for NFTs for Highstreet World. It consists of 7,500 procedurally-generated (and 500 celebrity inspired) FOMO ducks that are designed to be of continued utility within the Highstreet metaverse. Highstreet (HIGH), an MMORPG, blurs the lines between virtual and physical worlds. The platform represents all in-game items as ERC-721 non fungible tokens (NFTs), which are divided into two fractions. The digital fraction can be used to access the item within the metaverse. However, the NFT can be purchased to enable players to receive the item in real-life. Source: CoinMarketCapHIGH Token is a native token in a decentralized, commerce-centric, play-to-earn metaverse that has virtual reality (VR). Highstreet (HIGH), which allows for two-way currency exchange between virtual and physical worlds, also introduces a marketplace where in-game items may be traded for real-life goods. Users can use the game to explore the metaverse, fight beasts, and complete quests. They can also purchase goods that are both digital and real-world useful. CZ, Binance CEO, stated that if Binance creates a metaverse, it will be backed undoubtedly by BNB. However, Binance is not a game-builder. CZ does not intend to invest in any VR or metaverse game without a game-building team. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: # Cryptocurrencies#MarketscryptoFloor PricehighstreetMetaverseNFTprice