Matter Labs New Branding Announcement For zkSync 2.0 And Mainnet For Developers

Key Points: Matter Labs will rename zkSync 2.0, the highly publicized ZK rollup platform, as it enters its final stage of development.
Project creators who have pre-registered on the platform “Era” will be able to launch their first app deployments on this network.
The Era chain won’t be accessible to the general public, but app developers will have access to their code to test it before the full launch.
The race to scale Ethereum layer 2, has intensified. After a limited test mainnet – Baby Alpha – zkSync has now officially opened its doors for projects who want to test the zkEVM solution. Matter Labs renamed zkSync 1.0 as zkSync Lite, and zkSync2.0 as zkSync Era in order to distinguish the different iterations of their scaling solutions. This allows dapps to be compatible with the Ethereum virtual machines (EVM). The project also announced the new mainnet phase via the official zkSync twitter.
Launching a new brand: Changed the name of zkSync 2.0 from zkSync Era.
Open source deployment of all source code
Pre-registered project creators for the platform known “Era” will have the ability to launch their first app deployments onto the network on Thursday. The Era platform won’t be accessible to general users, but developers will be able launch their first app deployments on Thursday. The Baby Alpha mainnet was implemented by layer 2 networks in November. They also tested the features to a limited degree. Polygon, another organization working on zkEVM solutions, announced its mainnet roadmap this week. These developments are heating up the zkEVM market that has already attracted a lot attention in mid-2022. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: Baby AlphaEthereumMatter LabszkEVMZksynczkSync ErazkSync Lite