MATIC Price Breaks out of 3-Month Bullish Trend Hints at a 40% rally

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Brian Bollinger In the midst of the ongoing sell-off on the crypto market, MATIC price fell from $1.53-$1.5 resistance to witness a minor correction phase. The coin price has fallen for five consecutive days, with an 11.3% decline to the $1.36 mark. However, this downfall is a retest phase to the recently completed rounding bottom pattern after the $1.31 resistance breakout.advertisementKey Points The core concept behind the rounding bottom pattern is that it represents a gradual shift in investor sentiment from bearish to bullish.
A sustained recovery is indicated by the parabolic increase in MATIC price, backed up by an increasing volume.
The MATIC’s intraday trading volume is $735.2 Million. This indicates a 37.5% increase.
Source- -TradingviewThe formation of a rounding bottom pattern was evident in the MATIC coin’s price action over the last three months. This pattern is formed when the coin price falls gradually to a low point and then rises in a steady, rounded fashion. This gradual rise can continue until a price reaches a level equal or higher than the beginning point of the pattern. The MATIC price made a bullish breakout of the $1.31 neckline resistance on February 15th. This indicated that buyers were confident in reaching higher levels. The altcoin reached a local peak at $1.53, and then reverted to test the breached resistance. Trending Stories If the coin price is stable above $1.33-$1.31, interest traders may be able to look for an entry opportunity. The polygon coin price could rise 40% to the $1.88 mark. Contrary to popular belief, this bullish rally could face resistances at $1.53-1.75 and $1.74-1.75. Technical IndicatorsRSI – Despite rising price action, the daily RSI slope going sideways indicates weakness of bullish momentum. Thus, this bearish divergence indicates the MATIC price could witness strong pullbacks moving ahead.advertisementEMAs: The 20-day EMA has proven to offer strong support during the occasional pullback, and thus the traders can use it for trailing stop loss.MATIC Coin Price Intraday LevelsSpot rate: $1.37
Trend: Bearish
Volatility Low
Resistance levels: $1.53-1.5 and $1.74-1.
Support levels: $1.3 and $1.17
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