Manchester United accused of copying artist DesLucrece NFTs

Key Points:Manchester United’s NFT collection has been criticized for being too similar in style to DesLucrece’s famous NFT artist.
DesLucrece stated that Tezos, DesLucrece, and Manchester United are in discussions about a solution.
ClownVamp, a well-known NFT artist who is known for his animated monsters, has criticized Manchester United for comparing its official “The Devils” collection to the work of DesLucrece. This pseudonymous NFT artist is renowned for the Des Monsters Collection, which currently has an OpenSea price of 17.5ETH or $20,825. In a side-by, comparison, almost identical figures share a colour scheme, similar eyes and horns.
We need answers. This is total garbage.
Following the accusation, ClownVamp also claimed one of the DesLucrece signature traits that his monsters usually have O ring earrings also has been seen in the products from the Manchester United collection.DesLucrece then stated on Twitter that he and Breitman are discussing a solution and are expecting a response from Manchester United. He did however mention that he wanted art and artists to be protected on the Tezos platform.
I believe the resolution should be beneficial to everyone involved. Dinner with Ronaldo is not off the table.
DesLucrece declared that correspondence had begun between ManU and him the day after. He called Manchester United to inform them that he had received an update.
You’ll always know your friends in times of hardship. Thank you, Tezos community.
DesLucrece wroteManchester united first collaborated earlier this year with the Tezos Foundation, and The Devils published on December 21. The 7,777 NFTs costing approximately $36, have since been sold. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: ManchesterManchester UnitedNFTNFT collectionnft marketplaceNFTsTezos