MakerDAO clarifies that Jump Reverse Attack Doesn’t Involve Its Smart Agreement

Key Points: Jump Crypto, Oasis and Oasis both recovered 120,000 Ethereum of Wormhole stolen funds via a reverse attack. MakerDAO issued a tweet statement. The Maker Protocol is different from third-party front-end vendors. MakerDAO does not have any control over front-end providers or products that allow end-users access to Maker Vaults. Maker Vault 30100 was not the subject of any MakerDAO smart contracts or MakerDAO directions.

5/– Maker (@MakerDAO), February 25, 2023. Additionally, MakerDAO has not developed or maintained any of the frontends that connect to the Maker Protocol. The Maker Protocol is a public, decentralized smart contract system that can be connected to Ethereum by any provider. These UI providers have the ability to control the smart contracts that they deploy, allowing end users to interact the Maker Protocol. The MakerDAO did not use any of its official smart contracts or instructions in the recent transaction to transfer Maker Vault 30100 ownership. It is reiterated that MakerDAO smart contracts are not controlled by Oasis front end smart contracts. Jump Crypto and Oasis have revealed the identity of the exploiter behind the historic Wormhole attack of February 2022. The Wormhole bridge was hacked just over a year ago. This resulted in one of the largest 2022 crypto loss incidents. The hack took approximately 120,000 ETH worth $325 million. . @JumpCryptoHQ believes that there will be a multichain future, and that @WormholeCrypto provides essential infrastructure. Jump Crypto, the cryptocurrency division at Jump Trading with headquarters in Chicago, replaced 120k Ethereum to make community members whole. Jump Crypto also played a part in the creation and operation of the Wormhole system. Jump’s goal was, according to a tweet from Jump Trading at the time to make community members whole and help Wormhole as it expands. In exchange for a $10m bug reward and a white-hat agreement with Wormhole, the hackers received the cash back. It appears that this never happened. According to Oasis Multisig, a white-hat organization contacted our team Thursday, February 16, 2023 to let us know that they might be able help with the recovery of assets. DISCLAIMER – The information on this website is intended to provide general market commentary but does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you do your research before you invest. Join us to keep track of news: Harold Coincu News