LUNC News: Terra Classic Staked Reaches 940B As KuCoin Resumes Staking

Terra Classic (LUNC Kucoin Staking): The crypto community welcomes the KuCoin-led LUNC staking. After it delegated 48 million LUNC in January 2023, the crypto exchange is now back with the LUNC staking services. KuCoin will have voting power of 5.09% due to its return to the LUNC chain as a validator.
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Investors will receive a KuCoin Earn LUNC staking plan with an expected annual percentage rate (APR), of 12%. The redemption period is 21 days. The token’s price surged in recent hours as a result of KuCoin’s LUNC delegation. However, it lost its gains. The Terra Classic (LUNC), price is $0.0001822 as of writing. This is a decrease of 0.55% over the last 24 hours. The Terra Classic trading volume has increased significantly in the last 24 hours, by 20.95%.


KuCoin gained back substantial voting power of 5.09% through the staking resumption. The exchange reported last month that its validator had not delegated 48 billion LUNC as a result of a switch in its internal financial account’s pledge node. KuCoin’s voting power fell significantly, with the validator rank dropping to 46 at that time.
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