Lending Protocol Liquidity Now Available On Ethereum Layer 2 Aztec Network

Key Points: Liquidity, a decentralized lending platform, announced that it was now live on Aztec, an Ethereum Layer 2, scaling solution.
When borrowing stablecoin LUSD against Ethereum, users are not required to pay any interest.
The liquidity protocol on Aztec does not have a minimum loan amount and offers two collateralization ratios, 275% and 400%.
Liquidity, a decentralized lending protocol, announced that it is now live on Aztec Layer 2 scaling solution Aztec. Users deposit ETH and take on debt according to the current collateral ratio. For example, if ETH drops in price, the ratio for a bridge might be 150%, even though it was opened at 275%. Liquity Protocol is designed to create unprecedented liquidity of assets secured against Ethereum. LUSD is the native stablecoin token for the protocol. Its inherent value is comparable to the US Dollar. The LUSD token LUSD can be redeemed against the value of the underlying collateral asset on the platform at face value. These zero-knowledgeproofs are a way to prove something is true without having to reveal any information. These proofs can then be verified on Ethereum without retransactions. This allows users to enjoy lower transaction fees and faster transaction speeds. Aztec NetworkETHEthereumLIQUIDITYLUSD is an informational website that provides general market commentary. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: Aztec NetworkETHEthereumLIQUIDITYLUSD