Kaito AI Announces $5.3 Million Fundraising To Develop an AI-powered Search Engine for Crypto

Key Points:Kaito AI is an AI-powered cryptocurrency search engine. It raised $5.3 Million in a round led Dragonfly Capital.
The site will eventually launch a token-based community similar to Wikipedia where users can contribute through a tiered structure.
According to TechCrunch, Kaito AI, an AI powered search engine for cryptocurrency, raised $5.3million in a seed round led by Dragonfly Capital. The product has been in private beta since December with institutional clients. The investment company claims that it is revolutionizing the way they invest.
Kaito founder and CEO Yu Hu said that there are always people fighting against information overload. “We are reducing the time it takes to find answers from 30 minutes or an hr into 10 seconds.
The round includes Sequoia Capital and Jane Street, Mirana Ventures and Folius Ventures as well as Alpha Lab Capital. Hu shared that the capital will be used to scale up the team and accelerate product development. Hu shared that the capital will be used to scale the team and accelerate product development. It is also integrating ChatGPT/GPT-3 to provide crypto consumers with an additional search experience.Eventually, the site will launch a token-based community, similar to Wikipedia, where users can contribute to the platform through a tiered structure.
Users will need to work their way up the ranks to contribute to the data knowledge. Today will be a vertical search engine for crypto users, as they all require one that is tailored to their needs.
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