Justin Sun: TRON working with Binance to Build a Cheap, Fast, and Secure Network

Key Points: Justin Sun, founder of TRON, stated that he is working closely with Binance to create a low-fee TRON network which is fast and secure.
Binance increased the withdrawal fee for the TRON network following the switch to a dynamic energy model.
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TRON founder Justin Sun shared on his page his plan to work closely with Binance to renovate the new network at a low cost but still ensure maximum transaction speed and high security.Yesterday, the official blog of Binance also announced the adjustment of withdrawal fees on the TRON network to change the energy recovery mechanism for the blockchain smart contract.Accordingly, Proposal 83 discusses a dynamic energy model that increases the fees of transactions related to illiquid projects and does not affect other decentralized applications (dApps).The new withdrawal fee is almost double compared to the previous one. The USDT – USDC– TUSD withdrawal fee has been increased to 2.6 USD. BUSD withdrawal fees have been increased to BUSD2.2 from BUSD0.8. To withdraw TRX, users will need to pay 15 TRX rather than 1 TRX. Fees are a major concern for traders. It is evident that each transaction fee after adjustment shows a significant increase. This can have a direct effect on the network’s transaction volumes. The FUD token was also announced by the exchange on February 5, which attracted much attention from the community. This token is part of the DebtDAO project. It was introduced to issue debt for users of FTX. FUD is a token that represents the amount FTX owes DebtDAO. This website provides general market commentary but does not provide investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: # Cryptocurrencies#MarketsBinanceBlockchaincryptoHuobiJustin sunTRONTRX