Just in: Apple Cofounder Makes Big Prediction About Metaverse Fun

Today’s Apple Metaverse News: The market is beginning to believe that the age of artificial intelligence is here, with the recent release of ChatGPT. The world of Metaverse, a virtual world of augmented realities, is not the same. The hype surrounding these technologies is generating commercial returns as Metaverse tokens, and AI-based crypto tokens, dominate the digital assets market. Steve Wozniak (the Apple cofounder) isn’t too happy with the much-hyped future of Metaverse or the future in Metaverse.
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CNBC spoke to Apple cofounder Steve Jobs about the future of human intervention within the artificial intelligence world. He said that humans will always have control, even though AI is available. He stated that humans will not be able enjoy the AI experience for longer than an hour, which is a sign of the limits of human ability with digital immersion. Wozniak believes it could be entertainment, contrary to the popular belief that Metaverse is the next big thing.
“Metaverse can be hard. You can have some of the most incredible experiences in the world. After an hour, I’m done. It’s entertainment for me.”


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