January ends with 24 cases worth $8.8 million in Crypto Exploit

Key Points: The January 2023 numbers are 92.7% lower than the January 2022 figures of $121.4 million lost due to exploits.
According to PeckShield the 68% largest exploit was a January 12 attack against LendHub. It took $6 million from the decentralized financing lending and borrowing platform.
Other than the bullish crypto market rebound in January, there have been positive industry news such as a decrease in crypto exploit losses. In January 2023, there were 24 attacks, with $2.6million in cryptocurrency being transmitted to mixers like Tornado cash. The funds that were transferred to mixers are split into 1,200 Ether Ethereum and approximately 2,668 BNB. This is 92.7% lower than the $121.4 Million in exploit losses in January 2022. PeckShield also reported that January’s amount was 68% less than December 2022’s record of $27.3 million in exploit losses. According to DeFiYield, $150,000 was also lost due to bogus BONK coins and a $200,000 rug pulling on the Doglands Metaverse gaming portal. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: Crypto ExploitExploitexploiteexploitshackers exploitLendHubMidas CapitalTornado cash