Is LuxWorld, Web3 Travel to-Earn a Scam or a Real Paying Company?

Decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, is a newer set of blockchain-based financial services. It is rapidly gaining acceptance and popularity. Investors should be cautious about investing in scam projects. The LuxWorld Web3 Travel-Social App project, which was recently launched, has received a lot attention from the community. They are also receiving many questions regarding scams. Let’s see if this is a scam or ponzi scheme. The LuxWorld Web3 Travel-Social App concept is based on several key elements. One of these factors is Social-Fi. This is a combination social networking and financial incentives that creates a community of content creators. decentralized social content and applications.Community participation and community empowerment have been recognized as both the means and the outcome of these technical innovations. LuxWorld’s Social-Fi platform enables people to make money while traveling, to mint NFTs, to buy NFTs on the marketplace, and to exchange their experiences and other people with them. The user is now an independent developer community. The user is now an independent developer community. Lucky Box offers you the chance to earn Diamonds for each registration. Lucky Box allows you to get Diamonds. It set community sales accounts at 45% of the token supply in the initial phase. After presale, unsold token from Community Sales was transferred to Community Treasury.Long term developmentQ2&Q3/2022Website release
Luxworld litepaperer Release
INO NFT Check in Node
Q4/2023Mobie app beta launch
NFT market
Marketing kick-off
INO NFT Luggage
Audit smart contracts
Web manage node NFT
App beta
Lux public sale
Q1/2023Social Fi ellements launches mainet version
Check-in at a Travel Agency
Luxworld wallet – Test phase
Partnership with luggage brands and well-known locations
LUX token DEX/CEX listing
Q2&Q3/2023Web3 Social Network
User NFT generation systerms
NFTs can be rented
Bridge to Polygon/BNB
Q4/2023 & Q1/2024Travel Defi solution
In-chain adNetwork
Booking system and commercial
Carbon offset
Q3/2024Social Fi elements
Travelerse – Traveling on Metaverse
More and more
This roadmap of Luxworld has a clear roadmap and goals that are close to reality. It is highly likely to be implemented in the future. This project is currently rewarded with various events, including:White list There are currently several events taking place to reward the community, including:White List
Free Mint
Lucky Draw: Win100k $LUX (
Other Events: World Cup Prediction, Photo Contest. Share your Christmas photos with us and you could win 5,000 tokens + $100 + 10 #Whitelist prizes
Conclusion. Luxworld is a meticulously planned project, from the concept to the final development plans. The project follows the defined roadmap and all data is transparently and quickly disclosed. The token of the project is listed on time and on reputable exchanges. The project fosters a community of users and developers that actively communicate back and forth. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will always insist that it is better to get to know the team behind a project. If a group keeps their plans secret or doesn’t communicate with their community, there’s reason to believe they have bad intentions.Therefore, it can be concluded that LuxWorld is a good project, does not carry any signs of fraud and investors can consider to make a profit from the project.Learn more about the project:Website: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: # Cryptocurrencies#MarketsBlockchaincryptoluxworldScam