Intain Launches Avalanche Subnet for Multi-Trillion Dollar Securitized Finance Market

Key Points:Intain Inc. is a leading platform for structured finance and has launched IntainMARKETS. This marketplace for tokenized asset backed securities, built as an Avalanche Subnet, has been launched by Intain Inc.
The platform is designed to make common financial instrument investments that involve multiple parties more secure, transparent, cost-effective, and affordable.
The platform for structured finance and administration Intain has established an Avalanche subnet for the on-chain issuance and trade of asset-backed securities.IntainMarkets is seeking to simplify the complex structure of financial instruments, making them more transparent, secure, and cost-effective. In today’s structured finance market, many parties must interact with and trust each other. The platform allows asset tokenization and investment without the need for third-party trust.
The blockchain industry has focused its efforts on tokenization so far. Tokenization does not address the need for transparency or efficiency.
Siddhartha, founder and CEO of Intain, said that Intain chose to build its new platform on an Avalanche Subnet, a blockchain built on the Avalanche network. Intain had to create a permissioned network that meets regulatory requirements. Intain’s economics are not based on Avalanche’s public blockchain. This means transactions and security are not dependent upon Avalanche or any other subnets.
We are grateful for the support of financial institutions that are our current partners. We also appreciate the response from prominent issuers and investors within the industry. Ava Labs’ commitment and that of the wider Avalanche ecosystem, who share our vision for fully compliant blockchain-enabled financial services systems, was crucial to the launch Of IntainMARKETS. IntainMARKETS is not based on Avalanche, which means that transactions as well as security are not dependent upon Avalanche or any other subnets.
added SiddharthaValidators, who are network participants that validate blockchain transactions, must be verified US residents.According to Jon Wu, Avalanche’s President of Business Development, Intain is the first structured finance platform to attempt tokenization, issuance, and investment facilitation on a single platform. Avalanche’s business growth focus, he stated, is to bring traditional financial assets onto-chain. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: AvalancheAvalanche blockchainAvalanche FoundationAvalanche platform.Avalanche SubnetIntainIntainMarkets