ImmutableX Plans To Create Web3 Game To Protect From In-game Assets Loss

Key Points: According to ImmutableX web3 gaming will help protect assets, access to accounts, and a game closing down. This could result in the loss of millions for players and all their in-game purchases.
Cross The Ages announced the official existence of its collections on the Immutable market.
According to ImmutableX, they have just announced via Twitter that they are working to empower players for future generations. They claim that traditional in-game assets will be formally purchased, but will function more like rented items. This means that assets can be lost, modified, or blocked at will by the host or third party.
All transactions are recorded in a public ledger
Assets can be used seamlessly across platforms if there is inoperability.
Players can now buy stuff, not just buy it. Players can no longer just buy stuff. Participants will soon be able to trade on all ImmutableX protocol markets. Illuvium announced a partnership on February 9 with ImmutableX with the project Illuvistars. Illuvitars can be used as profile pictures in Illuvium Universe.
Powered by IMX’s cutting-edge technology, they bring the largest and most feature-rich NFT collection to life. Immutable allows for true digital ownership and gas-free transactions. We are proud to have them be a trusted partner for Illuvitars as well as other organizations.
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