ImmutableX Announces F2P Postapocalpytic Survival Games With MMO Elements

Key Points:ImmutableX presents Resurgence, the premier game by Emergent Games.
Resurgence is an F2P post-apocalpytic survival video game that includes MMO elements in order to connect with the web3 gaming community. Participating in the game will allow you to experience an open-world survival crafting game set 1,000 years after a major ecological disaster.
ImmutableX will have Resurgence, Emergent Games’ upcoming post-apocalyptic survival MMOORPG. Emergent Games’ first project is Resurgence.Resurgence is an open-world crafting survival game set 1,000 years after a worldwide ecological calamity. In order to create a new utopia, players must become Earth’s new colonists. This is a game that requires players to take control of a planet that has been fundamentally changed. MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online game-playing, which is a form that combines features from role-playing and video games with large numbers of players. This is a simulation game for construction and management. The transition will bring new features to the Tiny Colony ecosystem (also known as “the Tinyverse”), including a built in crypto wallet and the option to purchase in-game items in cash. The original game was created on Solana. Emerggent Games is headed by Simon Rutter, a former Sony PlayStation Executive Vice President, while Russ Harding, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe’s games director, spent almost a decade in the role. It has 60 developers and managers. They include veterans of FIFA, NBA Online and Lord of the Rings. They will also need to protect their precious resources from raiding groups, predators and other hazards. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: F2PImmutableXMMOMMORPGSolanaSolana networktiny colony