Hyundai unveils Exclusive Auto Expo 2023 Pavilion at Metaverse

Hyundai Motor India, the second-largest automobile manufacturer in India, has launched the Hyundai Pavilion on Metaverse Space. The 2023 Auto Expo will also see the debut of the Hyundai Mobility Adventure on Roblox. The Hyundai Mobility Adventure virtual city features five of Hyundai’s most beloved vehicles, including the IONIQ 6, IONIQ 5 and NEXO.
It will also introduce the Hyundai Ioniq 5, which will be available in the Metaverse. The automakers awaited the debut of the Hyundai Motor Group’s first fully electric SUV on the Electric-Global Modular Platform. Users will have the opportunity to experience features such as Vehicle-to Load Technology and Pump-to–Plug Revolution.


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Tarun Garg is the Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai Motor India.
“We are delighted to expand our presence on the Metaverse Auto Expo 2023 by going beyond physical experiences, diving into the future virtual reality with our ground breaking innovations.”
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Hyundai will highlight the engaging and captivating Metaverse experience at the Auto Expo 2023 at Hyundai Mobility Adventure on Roblox. There are zones that allow users to experience the future mobility using technology. These zones are future-ready, intelligent, and cutting-edge. Hyundai has also created Hyundai Mobility Adventure, a virtual city on Roblox.
You can interact with the many offerings at Hyundai Mobility Adventure by navigating through the events and experiences. You can enter the virtual city of Hyundai through Festive Square.
Visitors will find plenty of fun activities.


The company stated that interactive mini-games would be available at the event to allow guests to test out some high-tech features of the business. It will work, including fuel cell electricity and air purification with V2L technology. Visitors can participate in photo shoots and visit the gift shop. They can also find out more information from other characters on Hyundai BlueLink or other zones.
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