How to Use Phemex Launchpad: Unknown Facts You Need To Know In 2023

Launchpad is a new service that allows users to purchase selected cryptos at a fixed price before they are launched on the Spot Market. This article will provide a step-by–step guide to using Phemex Launchpad. A crypto launchpad is a decentralized exchange-based platform that allows users to launch new currencies, tokens and blockchain. These advantages include:Beginner-friendly: IDOs are completely permissionless and require no fees to list tokens on DEXs. These benefits include:Beginner-friendly: IDOs are completely permissionless and require little to no fee for token listings on DEXs. As long as they meet the entry requirements, any team can launch their project on a crypto-launchpad.
Launchpads are safer because they don’t hold user funds. Instead, investors have full custody of all assets. Only after wallet linking, launchpads can access tokens via secure wallets.
You can receive tokens almost instantly: The tokens are available for trading almost immediately and don’t require a waiting period.
Token sales on a launchpad use a blockchain-based method to encourage regular investors in early-stage crypto ventures. This ensures a more equitable distribution and encourages them to invest. Blockchain allows for greater transparency and close tracking of token allocation. This is because blockchain allows for greater transparency by closely tracking token allocation. This equitable distribution of tokens helps protect crypto projects from rapid price drops due to pump-and dump scams, which whales are well-known for.
The wallet balance for your contract account will be counted. This may be affected by realized P&L. Trading bonuses in your contract account won’t be counted.
Over the Calculation Period, your average daily balance of USDT will be rounded up to the nearest integer and must be equal to or greater than a certain minimum amount.Subscription PeriodYou can freely subscribe by committing USDT within the subscription limit, and your subscription amount will be locked in Launchpad until the final, total subscription amounts are determined.Allocation PeriodEach user’s token allocation will be calculated at the end of the subscription period. The allocation is determined by the amount of USDT each user has committed during the subscription period. However, it is limited by the project’s Max Individual Allocation. Token Distribution Period After confirming your token allocation, and deducting USDT from your subscription fee, we will return any USDT remaining to you. Your USDT and Launchpad tokens are automatically transferred to your spot wallet. Register or log in to your Phemex Account. Click on the “Spot” tab at the Homepage. Then click on the “Launchpad” button. You will be taken directly to the Crypto Launchpad homepage. You will find several tokens under Launchpad Tokens. Click on “Coin Details” to learn more about each token. Now you can view details about the selected token. To learn more about your selected token, click on the four buttons. Scroll down to see the Timeline. There are four periods. The first is the Calculation Period. During this period, USDT in your Spot Wallet and Investment accounts will be calculated daily until the final daily average. Your daily average will be calculated at 5:00 UTC and updated each day. You will need to deposit more USDT to increase your daily average. Learn more about Phemex and how to deposit.
This service is only available to KYC verified users. If you have not yet verified your identity, you will be directed to “Go To KYC” to verify it.
6. The Subscription Period is the second section. USDT can only be used to subscribe from your spot wallet. If your spot wallet contains less USDT than the minimum subscription amount, you will need to transfer USDT from other accounts to your spot wallet.7 Enter the USDT amount you wish to commit in the Subscription Period section. Once you have entered your amount, click “Commit”. After the first investment, click the Reclaim button. This is because you only have one chance to claim your USDT for personal reasons. Click it and the USDT will be returned.8 Our system will calculate your total token allocation during the allocation period. Please be patient as processing times can vary. The Distribution period is the final step. After the allocation calculations have been completed, this will occur. Phemex will deduct USDT from your account based upon the final allocation. This USDT will be transferred to your spot address with any remaining USDT. Launchpads can provide funding and exposure for new projects. They also provide investors access to potential cryptocurrency projects and early-stage tokens sales. Investors are protected from possible cryptocurrency frauds and scams by the vetting process associated with the top launchpads. This allows users to buy tokens at a lower price to maximize their return on investments when the market rises. They also sell them later to increase their reach to a wider audience of investors. This prevents whales from purchasing tokens and using them in pump-and dump operations. Token prices plummet due to this. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: # Cryptocurrencies#launchpadcryptoIDO LaunchpadLaunchpadPhemexPhemex Review