Hooked Protocol: New uHGT Token contract will be implemented, as well as token migration

Officially, Hooked Protocol will install the new uHGT token contract and perform token migration. Hooked Protocol will install and migrate the new uHGT token contract. The previous AMM pricing model will also be restored in the future. A new token contract (uHGT V2) will be used to replace the old token contract. Based on the prior security issue, the new token uHGT will be mapped 1:1 with the old uHGT balance. During the transition period, users will be able change uHGT into BUSD from within the app. However, their balance will be updated accordingly. On-chain transactions may be temporarily halted during the redeployment. They will resume shortly after completion. Today, the original purchase address will receive the BUSD refund for uHGT tokens purchased after the security breach. There were 30 transactions that were affected, which required reimbursements. Update on the uHGT-BUSD exchange: The in-app token income remains active. uHGT will be converted to BUSD on December 31. Withdrawal of BUSD will also begin. Users can convert uHGT into BUSD during the migration period at a fixed exchange rate of 1 UHGT=0.000002 USD at Wild Cash. This is based on the average price of the 24 hour prior to the security event. The uHGT-to-BUSD exchange is still active; uHGT/BUSD withdrawal will begin on December 31. The BUSD tokens converted are sent to the user and stored in their in-app cold wallet. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comChubbiCoincu NewsTags: BlockchainHookedHooked ProtocolsocialWeb3