Highstreet Project Analysis: Promoting the Experience, Crafting A New Entertainment

Highstreet has been gaining popularity in the market due to the collaboration between Jay Chou and CZ Voiced VR Metaverse. According to CoinGecko data, Highstreet’s native token and Genesis NFT Forever FOMO Duck Squad’s floor prices have all seen large increases.Self-proclaimed “Shopify on the chain,” Highstreet is a commerce-focused Metaverse platform that combines shopping, gaming, NFTs, and traditional and cryptocurrency brands with an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) gaming experience. Accessibility of the metaverse in gaming and entertainment, cryptocurrency, as well as other contexts, is a major draw for users who want to interact with others with similar interests. This is a brand-new experience created by everyone involved in the metaverse, but it’s also a fresh way to express one’s creativity.Highstreet taps into this inventiveness and combines it with the crypto community’s belief that real-world interactions are rapidly blending with virtual ones. Our identity is already partly digital and partially tangible. This means that how we interact with the items we own should reflect this. Because of this, Highstreet is developing a platform at the center of hybrid IRL-virtual encounters so that you may lead this creative progression.Highstreet was founded by Travis Wu and Jenny Guo. LumiereVR was the previous name of the project. This company was founded in 2015 and uses virtual reality technology as its main business content. Highstreet World’s in-game token is called STREET Cred. It was created in collaboration with HTC, a leading hardware manufacturer. The Token is not limited in supply and will increase as players increase their game play. The token can be obtained by completing tasks, hunting monsters, and treasure hunting. Highstreet World currently has six areas that can be explored. City, Binance. Beach, AVAX Alps. Republic. Realm. These areas allow players to increase their professional and player levels by completing tasks. You can do a variety of activities, such as buying houses, fighting in game battles, or domesticating NFTs for your pets. Highstreet World’s center is. Solera Continent. To be eligible to enter Solera Continent, newcomers must complete the two tasks of Proof of Mind on Freshmint Island and Proof of Strength. Players can log in to the metaverse platform via PC, mobile phone, or VR. However, metaverse projects that combine VR games with real interoperability and strong virtual ones are rare. Highstreet World has a new story about asset flow. Funds can flow between the real and virtual worlds. But commodities can also flow between them. Highstreet combines the virtual and real shopping experience. Its NFTs are issued as Phygital (digital assets that are linked to real-world items), also known physical-digital NFTs. The game’s products are real brands and can be exchanged for NFTs or physical products. This model can be used to turn existing products into game assets, increasing brand marketing. For players, it can bring in-game shopping into reality, blurring the line between reality and virtuality. The Highstreet Market is a place where Highstreet World can exchange limited-edition products. Each item comes with a physical counterpart. It is possible to access the item directly from the browser, as well as participate in the metaverse. Highstreet World’s FOMO Roof Roof is now available on the market. Highstreet Market makes DeFi a reality with actual products. Highstreet Market will use the Bonding Curve in order to ensure product liquidity when using this market. The price of the item will fluctuate depending on how many people buy it. The bonding curve works in the same way as an AMM market maker. It ensures that there is always an opponent. However, the brand can adjust the bonding curve to make it steeper or flatter to encourage more transactions. Cyberbar allows players to meet potential buyers and sellers in VR, discuss the terms of the transaction, and close the transaction. However, it is important to understand that celebrity effects are behind the current popularity of the game. According to CZ’s most recent AMA, Binance was more open to investing in virtual reality (VR), or metaverse games. Highstreet is the perfect fit for a market that is looking for hype-related tracks. The CEO of Highstreet, Jay Chou, announced that he had entered into a partnership with the king of Asia. This attracted a lot of attention to Highstreet. The celebrity effect that the celebrity support has on the project is temporary, regardless of how famous or well-known a celebrity is. The project’s foundations are crucial to its success. Phanta Bear is an excellent example. Travis Wu, Highstreet’s founder and CEO, once stated in an interview that Highstreet is essentially Shopify for MMORPG games. Various brands can open their own virtual stores in the metaverse Highstreet has created. Highstreet, which bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds, has not only the best VR technology but also has a competitive advantage in this area. We can expect more business-centric Metaverse platforms to be built through this platform. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: BinanceCZGameFihighstreetJay ChouLumiereVRMetaverseTravis Wu