Here are the Top 5 Metaverse Blockchain Projects to Look Out For in 2022.

The Metaverse is simply a computer simulation that simulates the real world. Users can travel to far-flung places by creating a virtual avatar. A metaverse, in other words, is a three-dimensional space that can contain a variety virtual locations. These 3D spaces will be analogous to the future web and users will have the ability to interact, collaborate and play games in these spaces.
All of these Metaverses share the common goal of increasing the overlap between our online lives and offline. Additionally, cryptocurrencies, which are digital assets, can be used as a medium for exchange and as a store value in these virtual universes, even though they are primarily used to process transactions.


Metaverse initiatives are being pursued by tech giants such as Tencent, Google, Microsoft, Microsoft, and Microsoft. They hope to play a significant role within this new digital universe. The prize pool could be huge because of strong competitors.
The metaverse’s virtual marketplaces have flourished as a result. The metaverse cryptocurrency has gained more recognition through exchanges and investors as well as consumers.

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Decentraland is the largest cryptocurrency in the metaverse at the moment, with a market capital of more than 5.6 billion dollars. Decentraland includes the entire metaverse, which is often referred to in social contexts as a virtual cosmos. MANA has increased more than fourfold in the last three months, despite a significant drop since December.
There are 90,601 distinct pieces of land in Decentraland. Each piece is represented by an ERC-721 token (NFT), called LAND. Each LAND is precisely located at the same virtual coordinates as in real life. In the metaverse, there are several districts, or divisions, that have different dimensions. Individuals can sell their land parcels to receive MANA tokens that can be used to create districts. In accordance with the NFTs guiding principle, LANDs cannot be exchanged.


Market cap: $4 Billion
Daily trading volume: $1 Billion
Native Cryptocurrency MANA
1 MANA token =$2.58
Sandbox is the second most used cryptocurrency in this metaverse. However, it has outperformed Decentraland in recent weeks, with the native SAND coin’s value increasing by nearly 1,670 percent.
The Sandbox is a virtual world with a DAO architecture that’s similar to Decentraland. The Sandbox, which is similar to Decentraland, is also reportedly built on Ethereum blockchain. The original currency of the Sandbox, the SAND virtual token was being replaced by layer 2 solutions by Polygon. These solutions are known for their speedy processing times and lower transaction fees.
Market cap: $3 Billion
Daily trading volume: $1 Billion
Native Cryptocurrency SAND
Value: 1 SAND token = $3
Number of users: More than 30 million
Bloktopia’s skyscraper-themed Metaverse Project aims to create a unique environment. Users can network, learn, conduct business, and engage with a wide variety of activities in a 21-story building. Because the construction is still in its infancy, this metaverse will rely heavily on each user’s input. Although not much information has been released yet, there have been intriguing hints about the upcoming project. It is expected to debut in the next months. One hint was the presence in the room of a WWE wrestler.
Market cap: $119 million
Daily trading volume: $9 Million
Native Cryptocurrency BLOK
Value: 1 BLOK token= $0.014
Axie Infinity
It is impossible to not be aware of Axie Infinity, unless you have been hiding. This blockchain-based game is loved by players around the world for its cute animal-like characters and the many opportunities it offers. It has been a joy for many players to discover that they can make large sums of money doing what they love: gaming. Axie has been made a full-time job for many people.
AXS has been consistently ranked among the top metaverse cryptocurrency. Its value increased by around 200% in 2021 alone, and it is still a top-ranked coin. Smooth Love Potion (SLP), tokens can be obtained through battle or adventure mode.
Market cap: $2 Billion
Daily trading volume: $551 Million
Native Cryptocurrencies: AXS & SLP
Value: 1 AXS token= $48.39
2 Million daily active users
Star Atlas
Star Atlas is set in the future universe of 2620. This virtual reality game simulates the political system of Polis. Players must conquer and explore new regions using virtual tools, characters and political power. As the game progresses, users can earn a ton of NFTs. It is one of the few metaverse projects that uses the Solana blockchain. This blockchain will allow the game to defend itself against outrageously high gas prices.
Market cap: $69 million
Daily trading volume: $9 Million
ATLAS: Native Cryptocurrency
Value: 1 ATLAS token= $0.032
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