Gumi Partners with Square Enix and SBI Holdings to Grow The Metaverse Business

Key Points:Gumi is a Japanese mobile gaming company that has teamed up with Square Enix, SBI Holdings and SBI Holdings in order to create new business opportunities that are centered around the metaverse.
The agreement will allow the company to acquire expertise in finance and content production and issue additional stock worth $52.7 million.
Gumi plans to promote its own blockchain-based gaming platform, which includes an NFT market, by using Square Enix’s expertise and knowledge in game development, distribution, publishing, and publishing.
Gumi, a Japanese game company that specializes on mobile entertainment, has formed a capital and business partnership with Square Enix, another Japanese game producer, and SBI Holdingss, one the largest Japanese financial service firms. SBI Holdings purchased the majority of Bitpoint, a cryptocurrency trading platform, in a takeover transaction that took place back in May. The agreement, worth nearly $100 million, would allow SBI to market tokens produced in Gumi-produced videos. Gumi’s target audience is the metaverse. As part of the agreement, $52.7 million worth new shares would be issued. This would give SBI Holdings a 22.46% stake in the business, making it the largest stakeholder. Square Enix will have a small share of 3.01% according to regulatory filings.
“Through this financing we will be in a position to build a strong financial foundation. By building a co-creative relationship and a partnership with the Square Enix Group and SBI Group, we will grow our Metaverse company at an even faster pace than ever before, and become another company. We will strive to increase value.”
Gumi plans to leverage its blockchain gaming platform that includes an NFT market. Square Enix has a wealth of experience in game development, distribution and publishing. This advancement is necessary because most tokens from these games can only be traded on foreign exchanges. Gumi will also provide security tokens that are backed by these games to SBI clients. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: BITPointGumiMetaverseSBI HoldingsSquare Enix