GameFi in 2022 and Bright Future Coming Soon!

This report examines cross-chain data for blockchain industry. It highlights the most important metrics in GameFi industry in 2022. Investors, GameFi participants and others experienced high levels of excitement. NFT holders saw their holdings’ value plummet dramatically. Those who were less fortunate lost their entire holdings due to the crash of Terra, BlockFi or Celcius or other smaller projects that failed, got hacked, or both. Despite this, major game studios have heavily invested in GameFi. Analysts still expect blockchain games to become a major tool for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption as they become more accessible. But, most GameFi projects fail. Analysts still believe that blockchain games will become a major tool for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. However, it is difficult to escape the death spiral. GameFi investment is similar to a Ponzi scheme. The goal is to enter as soon as possible and exit as quickly as possible. For developers: Because of the impact of their decision on which platform to launch or scale, a developer’s ability to monitor cross-chain trends can make a big difference in the success of a project. These factors include ecosystem support, user base, performance, and other considerations. These factors are taken into consideration when evaluating the GameFi program. This report will provide detailed data analysis. It will answer the following three questions: What is the most important stat for 2022? How does it impact the outlook for GameFi industry prospects?
Which projects were the most significant last year? What impact did they have upon blockchain gaming?
What public chains attract GameFi’s development, and why?
Important discoveryOverall marketThe market capitalization of GameF tokens fell from $27 billion at its beginning to $3.3 billion by the end of the previous year.
GameFi experienced a drastic drop in monthly transaction volume from $3.1 billion in January, to $80 million December. This is a relative drop by 97%.
The transaction volume of blockchain games has remained relatively stable, fluctuating between 130 million and 185 million.
BNB attracted 296 new projects, making it the largest total of new projects.
Polygon, Wax and Solana saw greater relative growth than 2021, with their respective number of projects increasing by a factor of three.
GameFi’s investment and financingFunding has increased by 83% over 2021 with $5.4 billion in invested.
Even though the market is in bear markets, major studios are not able to invest or continue to invest in GameFi.
Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite raised $2 billion to fund its metadata project. This was April’s biggest fundraising event.
Animoca has consolidated its position as the most active leader of GameFi. It has closed 61 funding rounds, more that twice the number of the next most active investor.
Animoca was also awarded the second-highest funding, at $434 million, after Epic Games.
GameFi usersGameFi users are not correlated with greater transaction volume or more transactions. It is therefore difficult to get a complete picture of on-chain activity.
Wax is the most active user on average per day, followed closely by Hive, BNB, and Hive.
This could be indicative of Splinterlands’ strength or the widespread presence of bots in those games, depending on your perspective.
Polygon, which has seen the greatest growth of any 5 chains based on active users, is number one. It has increased 381%.
Project overviewWith $541 million in average trading volume, GMT is the most popular GameFi token in 2022.
Solona is now the preferred chain for “Play to Earn” projects such as STEPN or Walken.
MANA was the most affected by the drop in GameFi transaction volume over the past year, with a drop of -55.6%.
Splinterlands, Alien Worlds, and Splinterlands are the most popular games in 2022 with 383,000 and 228,000.
In 2022, the highly anticipated triple-A blockchain games, such Illuvium or Phantom Galaxies, will not be officially available.
2022 GameFi StatisticsWax has 2022’s highest average daily active user, followed by Hive (the main game) and BNB (the main game) in terms of active users. This could be due to the strength of these two games or the presence of bots in them. The Average Daily Active Users per Chain in 2022 Compared with the Growth Rate in 2011. Polygon has seen the greatest growth, with a 381% increase of active users. Polygon is an EVM L2 designed to scale Ethereum. The project dates back to 2017 and MATIC, its token, was launched in 2019. The network is expected to have a breakout year in 2022, with strong performances in DeFi and NFTs. Planet IX (70K) is the game with the highest DAU per month on Polygon 2022. Benji Bananas (25K) is the game with the lowest average volume among GameFi tokens at $541 million. The game fell into a spiral of decline one month after the NFT asset sneakers and tokens prices reached their peak. The game is still the second most popular on Solana. Decentraland, one of the original Big 3 GameFi titles and metaverse titles, was the second most popular game on Solana. It has an average user of 383,000 and 228,000 respectively. Splinterlands, like Alien Worlds, are text-based games that are card- and text-based. This makes them the most popular games in 2022. The Footprint community allows you to get help, establish connections, and exchange learning and research on blockchains like Web 3, Metaverse and DeFi. Many diverse, active, and highly engaged members support and inspire each other through the Footprint community. GameFi funding has increased 83% since 2021. In 2022, GameFi will raise $5.4 billion, compared with $2.9 billion in 2021. Blockchain receives more money in 2022 and 2021 than in 2021. Institutional investors are becoming increasingly nervous about the new category of “chain games.” Decentraland, Axie Infinity and The Sandbox made headlines. 2022 is the year that people realize GameFi can be a disruptive force. Venture capital cash is used to support traditional game studios as well as established blockchain companies to build ambitious projects. Epic Games, the studio behind Fortnite raised $2 billion from Sony to create a metaverse. The exact plan for the future is not known as of early 2023. The plan includes Lego, as far as we know. This is the most important milestone in fundraising for the year. It has closed 61 funding rounds, more that twice the amount of the next most active investor. This website provides general market commentary. It does not provide investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: GameFiGMTNFTPlay to EarrnStepNWalken