FTX Hack News – FTX Accounts Drainer Becomes the 34th Largest Holder of Ethereum

FTX Hack News: FTX suffered a major hack worth $600 million over the past week due to a liquidity crunch. The FTX Accounts Drainer was tracked and moved Ethereum (ETH), as well as other digital assets.
FTX hacker accounts moving ETH
PechshieldAlert reported FTX accounts drainer 10, which connected 2700 Ethereum thoughts Anyswap between BSC and ETH. The account transferred approximately 2,697.38 Ethereum (approx. $3.3 million) to the FTX Accounts Drainer 1.
The drainer regularly sends digital assets from multiple FTX wallets and FTX US wallets. According to data, FTX Accounts Sinker currently holds 235.392k Ethereum (approx. worth $209.8 Million). This makes it the 34th largest Ethereum holder.
It also stated that FTX Accounts Drainer 9, which bridged 2000 ETH through Anyswap, went from BSC to ETH. It exchanged 2.7 million USDT to Cow Protocol for 2,173 Ethereum. The account then transferred 4,171.22 ETH to Account 1. This was approximately $5.1 million. 8.2k PAXG is also held by the FTX Accounts Drainer.
Drainer’s BSC address is holding 74K BNB, approximately worth $20 million, and 1.68 million DAI. It previously swapped 34K BNB to 4.5K Ethereum (approx. worth $5.5million) and 3,000,000 BSC to USD and bridged these to ETH.
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First, FTX caused a market crash, then FTX left a huge dent in crypto market. In a matter of days, more than $100 billion disappeared from the market. Bitcoin’s price has dropped more than 7% over the past 7 days.
The Ethereum price is at risk of a major drop as the Drainer may attempt to sell off assets in order to liquidate them. Over 3% has fallen in the last 24hrs for Ethereum prices. At press time, it trades at an average price $1,219 Its 24 hour trading volume is now $11.7 billion, down 7%

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