FTX Hack: New Data Reveals an Attacker with 255 Bitcoin In OKX Exchange

An already tragic story, the FTX saga, was made worse by a few hackers who hacked the FTX exchange in early January. New information has emerged indicating that the attacker who attacked FTX sent $4.1 million of Bitcoin to OKX via ChipMixer.
Ater Kraken, It’s Now OKX
ZachXBT, a Twitter user, continues the FTX hack story by revealing the fate of the hacker’s stolen assets using on chain analytics.

1/ @bax1337 and I spent the weekend looking into the deposits of FTX attackers to ChipMixer.
After withdrawing from CM, it appears that they have been transferring a portion the stolen FTX funds into OKX.
So far we’ve accounted for at least $4.1m (255 BTC) sent to OKX
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— ZachXBT (@zachxbt) November 29, 2022


The latest analysis shows that FTX attackers transferred some stolen funds to OKX exchange. They used the Bitcoin mixer, ChipMixer, to transfer the funds. FTX attackers have been rumored to be internal employees and close aides of its founder Sam Bankman Fried.
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Further, the Twitter sleuth states that
“FTX attackers first started depositing BTC into ChipMixer after using the Ren Bridge on 11/20. It will be interesting for us to see how they wash the rest of the funds over the next few weeks.
OKX Exchange quickly responded to the news and immediately investigated and frozen the attacker’s account.

OKX claimed it had frozen the account.
— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain), November 29, 2022
CoinGape reported that the attacker had transferred the stolen funds initially to the Kraken exchange in California.
Similar to OKX, Kraken quickly froze account access to certain funds, stating that “we suspect to have been associated with fraud, negligence, or misconduct related to FTX.”
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The FTX Fiasco
A hacker gained access earlier this month to the Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange FTX, and stole nearly $400 million worth of cryptocurrencies. The hacker, who is yet to be identified, is believed to be one of the most wealthy Ethereum holders. Only 34 wallets on the Ethereum blockchain have more digital currency than him.
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The attack was announced by the now bankrupt crypto exchange FTX later in the day, after more than 130 firms of the crypto conglomerate filed for bankruptcy protection.
The panic selling that occurred in the crypto market contributed to the already diluted crypto market.

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