FTX CEO: SBF Does Not Play a Role at FTX, FTX US and Alameda

John Ray, FTX CEO and chief structuring officer, has clarified his position on SBF tweets in a tweet. John Ray, the FTX founder’s replacement, mentioned the SBF role in FTX in a recent tweet.
The FTX CEO stated in a tweet that SBF does not play an ongoing role in FTX. He also stated that FTX’s former CEO does not speak on behalf of FTX USA or Alameda Research Ltd. Notably, the ex-CEO of SBF started a bizarre Twitter thread on November 14. He claimed that he was meeting authorities to “do right for clients”.
He then began to outline the finances and leverage of FTX, Alameda Research and its sister trading company, stating that FTX’s leverage was approximately $13 billion and not $5 billion as he had previously calculated.
Bankman-Fried is currently being detained in the Bahamas. He was reported to have intended to flee to Dubai according to reports. There is no extradition agreement between the Bahamas and the USA.
Bankman-Fried will be summoned by the Financial Services Committee of Congress to appear before Congress in December regarding the demise of his once-famous firm.
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After Vox leaked the SBF chat, the CEO of FTX tweeted about this matter. FTX’s reputation could be seriously damaged by the SBF chat leak amid ongoing insolvency. According to the legal opinion, SBF tweets can be considered a liability in court cases.

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