Fourth Largest Whale Buying This Bitcoin Token In Millions

Top whales continue increasing their holdings of crypto tokens, as crypto prices fall following the collapse FTX. As the price nears the bottom, the fourth largest BNB whale, “Sabo”, has just purchased 53,501,879 Dogecoins (DOGE). The meme coin recovers more than 2% in less than an hour.
Top Whale “Sabo”, Buys More Than 53 Million Dogecoins (DOGE).
WhaleStats reports that top BNB whale “Sabo”, bought 53,501,879 Dogecoin valued at $4.05 million on November 21. The wallet now holds DOGE holdings of $5.79 million.
The wallet’s total value is more than $55 million. Binance-peg Bitcoin(BTCB), which is worth $24.89million, is the largest holding. Binance-peg Ethereum token, which is worth more than $24 million, is also the second-largest holding.
Dogecoin (DOGE), remains among the top 10 most purchased tokens by the 100 largest BSC whales over the past 48 hours. Other whales have also bought DOGE in the past 24 hours.
Following the collapse of FTX, DOGE fell along with other cryptocurrencies. It is still solid, as its profitability surpasses that of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The DOGE price is currently trading at $0.076, a 7% drop in the last 24hrs. However, the price is now back at the $0.074 support level.
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The trading volume increased by almost 80%. The 24-hour low and highest prices are $0.074 (low) and $0.082 (high). Dogecoin whales use the buy-the dip strategy to profit from low prices.
According to Coin Kickoff’s survey, Dogecoin (DOGE), investors are among the most uninformed about the current market downturn.


DOGE Coming To Twitter
Dogecoin could be the crypto token of Twitter. Elon Musk suggested Dogecoin integration into Twitter. The DOGE price reached $0.15 in a single week.
However, DOGE continues its slide following the FTX crisis. During the crisis, DOGE’s price reached $0.072. Dogecoin investors remain positive that Elon Musk will bring Dogecoin to Twitter. Experts predict that DOGE could reach $1 if Elon Musk integrates this meme token into Twitter.

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