FIFA World Cup 2022: Brazil ($BFT) vs Portugual ($POR) Fantoken, Who Would Win

The Fan tokens market is volatile as FIFA matches continue at full speed, offering plenty of trading opportunities for crypto traders. Investors should be more interested in the fan tokens for the upcoming matches between Portugal and Ghana at 11:00 EST and Brazil and Serbia at 2:00 EST.
Today we will analyze Brazil National Football Team Fan Token (BFT) in the daily charts for potential future targets.
Portugal National Team Fan Token
Source- Tradingview
The price of the Portugal National Team Fan Tokens (POR), dropped from $7.37 to $4.32 due to the recent correction phase in Fan token markets. The price fell by 37.3% after the V-Top reversal. After that, the price retested 0.618 Fibonacci’s retracement level.
The daily chart has shown multiple Doji-type candles at $4.32 support over the past few days, suggesting that the bearish momentum is exhausted. Despite this uncertainty, buyers attempted to take the lead but failed to surpass $5.2.
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The Portugal National Team Fan Token price (POR) is currently trading at $4.7 and continues to fluctuate in a narrow range of $5.2 to $4.62. The POR price is likely to break the $4.62 resistance, however, there has been more volume in today’s red candle.
This could cause prices to drop by 15% to $4 for psychological support.


Brazil National Football Team Fan Token (BFT)
Source- Tradingview
The Brazil National Football Team Fan Token is currently falling as a result of the trendline’s downward slope. The Fan token saw its last reversal of the resistance trendline on November 24th. It plunged 38% to $0.64.
This downfall is accompanied by high volume, which indicates a strong bearish momentum that will prolong the ongoing downfall. The Brazil National Football Team Fan Token (BFT) could fall 27.3% to reach the $0.45 support if there is continued selling.
The BFT price will continue to be bearish until the resistance trendline is broken.

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