Ex-Moonbirds’ New Startup Flux “Turned over”: Is the Project Too Exaggerated?

Moonbirds, a blue-chip NFT project that was popularized by the public, saw not only the NFT’s price skyrocket, but also the reputation of those working behind the scenes. Ryan Carson, former chief operating officer at Moonbirds, recently announced Flux, a Web3 project. The news immediately gained attention after it was announced. The controversy surrounding transparency led to several investors being pulled. Jeremy Fall, CEO of Fall Group, Dr. Doom Von Doom and KOL NFTNick, Devotion founder People 3w, and lib and NFT collector Todd Kramer are among the initial investors. Investors are asking for far less than the $160,000 minimum. However, Ryan Carson’s announcement that he has a substantial investment list in advance without completing this portion of the financing amount will undoubtedly elicit FOMO sentiment in markets and attract more financing amounts. This has also misunderstood outsiders. Flux’s investment standards require a certain reputation, and a minimum of $160,000. Flux raised over $10 million once the remaining 70 investors met the mark. Ryan Carson replied that current investors had each pledged to invest between $10,000-$160,000. Projects are expected to raise between $10 million-$16 million. The law also limits 100 investors. This means that a minimum investment of $160,000 is required. It is a common practice in fundraising to start with a smaller investment amount to attract a few investors, and then increase the minimum investment amount later. Ryan Carson said that he initially offered a $10,000 investment line and received a promise of funds. However, it is a common practice in fundraising to use smaller investment amounts early on to attract a small number of investors and then increase the minimum investment amount. Luca Netz stated:
“I didn’t sign anything for the sake of transparency. I didn’t finance anything. I thought I was helping people in the space and being friendly. Ryan knows very little about the details. I have made it clear that I don’t want to be apart of this.
gmoney.9dcc.eth stated that Ryan admitted to him that the minimum investment requirement for other investors was $160,000. This was an oversight by Ryan. Investors are very likely to announce the fundraising via PR once it is complete. However, this is different because these lists are often released and hyped prior to the fundraising.
“I’m not comfortable with the way this announcement was made prior to fundraising was complete and the tactics used for fundraising. I am therefore no longer committing. I wish Ryan all the best and I hope he succeeds.
Additionally, j1mmy.eth stated that he was still in. After carefully listening to Ryan Carson and all others, it was decided to stop investing in Flux. Ryan Carson was affected by this and decided to close the Flux official site. Flux is trying to be an “incubator” in order to create its own characteristics. Flux will launch a limited number of projects each year, providing investors with 7% equity. The encryption community sees it as a “flywheel” for garbage projects. Kevin Rose, Moonbirds’ COO, responded that Ryan Carson didn’t have a script for creating PROOF. He was also the co-founder of Carsonified, DropSend, and Treehouse Island. Ryan Carson’s many entrepreneurs have a lot to do with his black history. Ryan Carson’s multiple management changes caused controversy. Treehouse was acquired and Ryan Carson fired almost 90% of the employees. Ryan Carson also applied to be COO to PROOF after he purchased a PROOF NFT research. Ryan Carson purchased a PROOF FFT again to show his “sincerity” and also obtained 1% of PROOF Holders shares during PROOF’s tenure. Ryan Carson purchased a large number rare Moonbirds at a low price on the secondary market the day before the Moonbirds were released. This was suspected by the outside as insider trading. He replied that he didn’t buy the rare Moonbirds NFT in contravention of regulations, but waited for a long period (3 hours and 56 minutes after Proof allowed minting, and 2 hours and 55 minutes after public minting), and did not buy a lot. Ryan Carson also announced that he would be withdrawing from Moonbirds in 2022 and created a new fund, 121G. FUD was also generated by this news, and the Moonbirds’ price fell. Ryan Carson and Moonbirds parted company due to a conflict of interests. He had previously revealed Moonbirds and received any project benefits. Ryan Carson revealed that Kevin approved the launch of the new 121G fund, providing that the fund does not have special permission list access rights to Moonbirds or a zero solicitation certificate membership policy. Ryan Carson’s word of mouth rebounded later because the 121G funds’ purchase of many Moonbirds. Ryan Carson exposed his variable decision-making during the official launch 121G. He also lowered the minimum subscription price to $10,000 for investors, despite the fact that the fund was a professional NFT fund. 121G Fund aims at ensuring participation in future NFT projects, customizing purchase and holding strategies using cutting-edge information, as well as purchasing a certain percentage of blue-chip NFTs. The fund is a 506 (c) rolling fund that must invest at least 25 Ethereum per quarter, and at least 100 Ethereum annually. Although 121G received an investment commitment in excess of 14,000 Ethereum (approximately 40 million) shortly after its announcement, its market investment performance has not been encouraging. This is likely to be due to the overall bear market. According to the 2022 Q4 Investment Portfolio, which was posted on the official website 121G Fund, it contains Moonbirds and Tableland, Proof as well as MPL, Tigerbob and Admit One. The August high point fell by more than 61%. The August high point fell by more than 61.7%. Down-to-earth empowerment of NFT projects is the secret to gaining users’ favor and recognition.DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comHaroldCoincu NewsTags: 121G506(c)fluxmoonbirdsNFTRyan CarsonWeb3