Everybody is an Analyst: 7 Free On-chain Data Analysis Tools

Glassnode is free for anyone who doesn’t want to pay a monthly subscription. If you are interested in analyzing cryptocurrencies, you can access the 7 free tools below. But it does not constitute investment advice.The BlockWebsite: Block has many useful metrics, such as on-chain transaction volume, active/new addresses, miner revenue, average transaction fees, and Bitcoin supply as a percentage of profit.Their data goes back many years. Current data can be accessed, but there will be a delay of 2 days. Still enough to get an idea of the general trend.CryptoQuantWebsite: up for a free basic account to access a large number of indicators on CryptoQuant. Access data including the current day is possible. You can also access data, including the current day, via the summary page. The downside is that many charts only show data from the end of 2019, so you can’t compare data presented to an earlier time.OKLink ChainHubWebsite: offers a range of free metrics, including exchange addresses in/out/netflow for BTC and various stablecoins. Some data may be delayed by a few days. The workaround is to select the option “7D” (displays 7 days of data) that includes the current data.LookIntoBitcoinWebsite: is a project still in development. They promise to make institutional-grade cryptoasset data free to all. However, they only have 8 indicators currently available. Their visualization of address supply distribution is a good indicator about how crypto whales are accumulating their tokens and unloading them. Also, you should look at the charts of futures perpetual funding rates and Bitcoin exchange net position changes. Since they plan to add more free indicators to their list in the future, I highly recommend checking it out.DuneWebsite: is a platform that allows users to query on-chain data from the Ethereum blockchain using SQL according to their needs. Knowledge of SQL is required to create your own personalized dashboards.However, on their homepage, there are many free dashboards posted by community members.MessariWebsite: is actually a paid encrypted data platform. But still decided to add them to this list because they allow free access to some of their data and research reports, and they cover a lot of different cryptocurrencies, which you can easily find information about on this platform.ConclusionSome characteristic indicators of on-chain data can be found through several websites in the above list. Compare the data to determine if there are any warning signs that need attention. In any case, it is possible to observe investor and user behavior through on-chain data. But it should always be kept in mind that data can only provide insight into what happened in the past, and relying solely on on-chain data to make investment and trading decisions is not advisable.DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: Analysis ToolscryptoCryptoQuantDuneLookIntoBitcoinMessariOKLink ChainHubon-chain dataRdatathe block