ETHGlobal FVM hackathon: A quick look at the 12 projects that made it to the finals

The finals of the FVM Hackathon, jointly organized by ETHGlobal & Filecoin, were published on February 10. Twelve projects were screened, including DeFi and GameFi storage. It can be used with the EVM to provide an out-of-the box development experience for Ethereum developers. FVM was introduced to the wider Ethereum ecosystem through the hackathon. It also provided guidance and resources to help developers and their projects. The following Odaily Planet Daily will take you to understand the 12 shortlisted projects.Cosmic ChickenOfficial website: Chicken utilizes the Chicken Bond mechanism introduced by the Liquity team, combined with FVM, to establish an undercollateralized lending agreement. The project’s main purpose is to reduce collateral funding costs for storage providers and provide attractive yield opportunities to FIL token holders. It allows storage providers to monetize and trade new strategies to increase their future earnings. Liquity’s LUSD bonds are implemented by depositing LUSD into stable pools. This provides liquidity to repay debt on liquidated Troves (loans within the liquidity ecosystem). In Cosmic Chicken, storage providers can deposit 50% of the required collateral and then borrow 50% from lenders offering FIL tokens. This approach both provides liquidity to bondholders and enhances the stability of the protocol.ZKaggle BountyOfficial website: Bounty is a bounty platform for incentivizing decentralized computing on FVM. This project is not only for storage providers but also anyone who wants to share their processing power and monetize their model. ZKaggle Bounty’s web-based front allows bounty vendors to upload their data into Filecoin and create computation tasks with bounty rewards. Bounty hunters have the ability to browse all open bounties and download the data to their computers. They can also perform calculations. Once they are ready to commit, they will create a ZK-proof to commit the hash calculation. The bounty provider will review all submissions and issue a bounty. ZKPs serve two purposes here: (1) keep proofs of computation concise, and (2) allow bounty hunters to monetize private models with credibility.CollectifDAOOfficial website: is a non-custodial liquidity staking protocol on Filecoin. If you are interested in becoming a disk storage provider on Filecoin, but don’t have enough funds to stake, you can apply here. You can then borrow funds from CollectifDAO and stake them as collateral for storage providers to get some rewards. You will be given an interest-earning token which you can use to redeem into your FIL at any moment. Therefore, the funds are always controlled by oneself, and no third-party custody service is required.Ninja DashOfficial website: Dash is a game with FVM Web3 capabilities. The game features an in-game store and a decentralized finance system. When you pass the level with 3 stars, you can get free game tokens and unlock NFT for the character.FileSaverFileSaver is a decentralized storage that runs on the Filecoin network, designed to help store humanity’s most important information. FileSaver allows users to store, share, and access their files from anywhere in the world via the FileSaver platform. There are no time or memory limitations. FileSaver guarantees that data will be stored for a specified period of time, such as 10 or 20 years or more, without requiring user action to extend the transaction.FileSaver has two main modules:Private Drive: This module securely stores the user’s encrypted data and can only be accessed at the user’s discretion. You can select the level of decentralization you want by choosing your provider and the number copies of your files. This makes it almost impossible for any one entity to access or modify data. This is a great way to store sensitive documents like passports and medical records.
Public Drive: This module contains data that has been contributed by FileSaver users. The community can decide what data is important and how long they should be stored by donating to public transactions. Public drives are a great way for authentic information to be stored and protected from censorship.
SapoOfficial website: is a decentralized cloud computing platform based on Filecoin EVM and Bacalhau computing data ecosystem. Sapo’s main goal, is to make it easy to perform fully decentralized computing. It is planned to reward computation execution and verify the validity of computation results in the future. Storage providers can register with these new computing networks, and clients can assign work to providers, which, once executed, are rewarded by publishing proofs.FNS LookupOfficial website: Lookup demonstrates the feasibility of domain registration and resolution on FVM, providing a way to translate Filecoin addresses and resources into human-readable names.The FNS Lookup team hopes to create a decentralized personal website and DID system for Web3 users based on Filecoin FVM and build a BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) flexible tool with fully decentralized identity and data storage.During the Space Warp Hackthon, FNS Lookup upgraded the UI/UX of the FNS contract and application and integrated FNS on the Filfox browser (FNS registration lookup, FNS name details display, displaying FNS name instead of an address, etc.) as the first application scenario of the FNS protocol.FVM ExploreOfficial website: allows developers to deploy, interact and verify their smart contracts in a concise interface. FVM Explore was created to improve the developer experience and the interaction and verification processes. It also allows developers the ability to build applications on top FVM-Explore by using the API.
Deploy: This tool helps developers avoid the tedious task of creating a project to deploy a smart-contract. It also handles the compilation process, and ensures that users don’t need to export private keys or write scripts to deploy their smart-contracts.
Verification: This feature allows developers to verify their smart contracts with just one click. It speeds up the contract verification process.
DatablocksOfficial website: is a set of smart contract primitives that can be the building blocks for building incentivized data DAOs on FVM.The project revolves around three core pillars: Data Token, Data DAO Core, and Data Bounty.Data tokens allow users to tokenize datasets on FEVM. The data token standard is a new set token contracts that embed the Filecoin data Piece CID so that the token can represent the underlying data. This enables buyers who have a strong interest in the dataset or believe in its utility to purchase and take ownership of its tokens.The Data DAO core serves three purposes: (a) Registry, (b) Treasury, and (c) Governance.Data bounties are modules that incentivize the preservation, expansion, and innovation of DAO datasets.EclipseOfficial website: is a decentralized platform that provides digital workspaces for startups and enterprises to securely store and manage their files using Data DAO. Eclipse allows businesses to: Securely store and privately share files with its DAO members (on Filecoin).
Make use of the decentralized storage marketplace to request storage for large files (100+GB)
FilSwapOfficial website: is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that provides a suite of financial services, including swap, decentralized exchange, liquidity management, and lending. FVM powers these services. FVM powers these services. The loan function offers quick and flexible financing options, while the exchange function allows seamless asset exchange. FilSwap transactions are made using smart contracts. This ensures transparency, security, automation, and trust. FilSwap’s loan function is a decentralized finance solution (DeFi). Users can obtain loans using their storage space to secure them. This allows users to get quick loans without having to go through traditional banking. You can use loans for a variety purposes such as paying bills, investing, or paying hardware costs. FilSwap’s lending feature allows users to access funds in a transparent and secure manner. It also allows them to make investments and utilize their storage space in a profitable way. We encourage you to do your research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: NewsTags: CollectifDAOCosmic ChickenDatablocksEclipseETHGlobalETHGlobal FVM HackathonFilecoinFileSaverFilSwapFNS LookupFVM ExploreNinja DashSapoZKaggle Bounty