Ethereum Price Update: Eth deposit Contract Hits Athens; Will ETH Price Cross $15k

Ethereum (ETH) has reached a new record high with the Ethereum 2 smart contract (ETH 2.0). The global crypto market cap stands at $855.36B. This is a 0.14% increase in Ethereum’s price over the past few days.
Ethereum, the world’s largest smart contracts blockchain platform, was launched as a PoW network. Like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum relies on mining to secure the network and transaction processing. The crypto market volume for the last 24 hours has decreased by 11.22% to $37.19B. DeFi’s total volume is currently at $2.72B. This represents 7.30% of total crypto market 24-hour volume. The total volume of all stablecoins stands at $34.34B, or 92.33% of the total 24-hour crypto market volume.
According to the glassnode report the ETH 2.0 Deposit Contract’s total value just exceeded the ATH of 15,512 583 ETH. The world’s most popular smart contracts blockchain platform, Ethereum, was originally a PoW network. It is dependent on mining for transaction processing, network security, and network security. The Ethereum price and performance have been remarkable in recent days as it has overcome a few key obstacles. This was a period of convergence in Bitcoin, indicating the underlying strength and potential for ETH buyers.

The Ethereum price in USD at the moment is $1,273.73 USD and the 24-hour trading volume of $6,659123,109 USD. The Ethereum price has fallen by 1.37% in the last 24 hours as I write this report. According to coinmarketcap data, the Ethereum market capitalisation is $155,870.805,408 US dollars. It has a circulating supply in excess of 122,373,866 ETH coin and no maximum supply. Notably, Ethereum is today the largest smart contracts blockchain platform. It was initially working on PoW network and is dependent on mining for network security and transaction processing.

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Ethereum Price in INR
The current Ethereum price is 103,314 Indian Rupees. With a 24-hour trading volume 527,378,983,333 Indian Rupees. Ethereum has fallen 1.37% in the last 24 hours. With a market cap of 12,642,943,825,794 Indian Rupees, Ethereum has a live market capitalization of 12.642,943,823,825,794 INR. It has a circulating supply in excess of 122,373,866 ETH coin and no maximum supply.


Will the ETH price rise to $15k?
FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) has flooded the crypto market since the FTX crisis. Crypto investors are uncertain whether to sell or buy as assets continue to fall. According to reports, Ethereum dropped nearly 39% in just a few weeks.
Whale accumulations led to a drop in the price of ETH from $1,661 down to $1081 in a month. Whales saw the price drop as an opportunity to increase their ETH reserves. Whale accumulations are often a sign of a bullish recovery in an investment. But Ethereum’s initial price drop to $1,081 was not enough.
However, things are changing now and Ethereum seems to be gaining bullish momentum. It is currently trading at $1,273 per coin, with a target of $1,350. Ethereum currently trades at $1,273 per currency, with a 24-hour trading volume in excess of $6,659,123.109 USD. The answer lies in the bullish trend that continues for the time it remains.

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