Employees of Huobi may be fired if they refuse USDT/USDC salaries

Justin Sun’s HR team is in touch with all Huobi employees to change the salary form from fiat currency into USDT/USDC.
Employees who refuse it could be fired.
WuBlockchain has an exclusive report that Huobi is in talks with its employees about changing the form of their salaries from fiat currency into USDT or USDC. Justin Sun, the HR representative, is reaching out to employees who are unable accept the salary shift from fiat money/USDC. Employees who refuse to accept the change could be fired. Several staff members opposed the proposal. According to insiders, there was a rumor that Justin Sun’s stock exchange would cancel all year end bonuses, prepare to lay off 1,200 employees to 600-800, and cut the salaries of senior staff members. However, Justin Sun, Huobi Chief Executive Officer, has denied reports that the company could lay off 40 percent of its workforce. A Huobi friend made the following statement in response to the news: “The news about layoffs is fairly reliable.” Huobi has been operating at a loss since its departure from China. The company must reduce its spending. Justin Sun, a global consultant for Huobi, stated that the Huobi layoff plans that were revealed by the media were inaccurate. Huobi has done well despite bear markets being difficult for any company. The bear market is picking up speed. The exchange’s daily new clients have helped it rise to the top of their sector. Recent months have seen an extraordinary expansion for Huobi’s company. It is a crucial development era and I believe it will grow even more in 2023. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.Join us to keep track of news: coincu.comChubbiCoincu NewsTags: cryptoHuobiHuobi GlobalLay OffUSDCUSDT