Elon Musk will support Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump’s rival in the 2024 Presidential Elections

Elon Musk stated Friday that if Ron DeSantis (the Republican governor of Florida) ran for president in 2024 he would support him.
Donald Trump’s rival Ron DeSantis will likely face him in the Republican primaries.
Elon Musk made the comment in a Twitter thread where he shared his political preferences for the forthcoming elections.
Musk replied in a tweet “Yes” when asked if DeSantis would be his backer in 2024. He had previously implied that he hadn’t found his ideal candidate among Democrats.

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— Elon Musk (@elonmusk), November 26, 2022


Musk elaborated on his position, saying, “As an example, I was a strong supporter of Obama-Biden’s presidency and (reluctantly), voted for Biden instead of Trump.”
“I prefer a sensible and centrist candidate for the presidency of 2024.” Musk tweeted, “I had hoped that this would be the case for Biden’s administration, but have been disappointed sofar.”

However, freedom of speech is the foundation of a strong democracy. It must be respected.
For the 2024 presidency, I prefer someone pragmatic and centrist. I had hoped that the Biden administration would be like this, but have been disappointed.
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk), November 26, 2022
Elon stated that he is considering his Republican presidential preference, but is leaning towards DeSantis in June.
This Elon Musk move may be a boost for DeSantis’ campaign. It’s expected that there will be a tough fight between Trump and DeSantis to win the presidential nomination.
The Florida governor won by a wide margin in the midterm elections last month. Trump was criticised for his inability to deliver the much-hyped red wave, while the Republicans were praised.

Elon Musk’s View on Donald Trump
Donald Trump announced this week that his candidacy for President of the United States in 2020 will be for Donald Trump.
After conducting an online poll, Elon Musk lifted the suspension from Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Only a small majority of voters supported the move.
Musk justification for his decision to reinstate the account last week was that Musk felt that the decision to remove a sitting president “despite no violation or terms of service” had damaged public trust in Twitter.
Elon tweeted that he was fine with Trump not tweeting. It is important to note that Twitter made a grave error in banning Trump’s account, despite not violating any terms of service or laws. Twitter’s deplatforming of a sitting President has undermined public trust for half of America.
The offer was declined by the former president and he has not yet returned to Twitter.
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