Elon Musk Announces a UI Reorganization of Twitter; Here’s What’s Coming To Change

Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently announced that the platform’s User Interface would undergo major changes. He announced a host of new Twitter features that will be implemented starting next week.
These changes include an easy swipe left/right to switch between recommended and followed tweets, bookmark buttons, and long-form Tweets.


The billionaire tech mogul took to Twitter to reveal the changes that will be made in the “first” part of a larger UI overhaul.
Elon Musk shared the changes to Twitter’s user interface via a tweet.

Swipe right/left to switch between the recommended and followed tweets. This feature will be available later in the week.
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The first part of a larger UI overhaul.
A week later, the bookmark button (de facto silently like) is available on Tweet details.
Tweets in long form, February 1.
Elon Musk (@elonmusk), January 8, 2023
Musk stated in November that the platform would soon allow users to tweet long-form text (currently limited to 280 characters).
Musk stated that he will allow users to tweet up to 4,000 characters. This is more than 14 times the current limit.
Some users are excited about the changes. They claim that it will improve the user experience by removing the need to compose multiple tweets in one thread. Some users aren’t happy with the changes, and predict that long-form Twitter tweets will be detrimental.
He also suggested that the “Bookmarks” feature might be added in December 2022.
According to Elon’s tweet, the “easy right/left swipe” feature will be launched this week. Then, the “bookmark button” feature will be released a week later. Finally, ‘long form tweets will be available starting in February.


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Possible Integration of Cryptocurrencies
According to the Financial Times, Twitter filed paperwork to become a financial service business in the United States in November 2022. This was seen as a step towards Elon Musk’s vision to transform the social media company into a “Super App”. He also discussed his plans to offer payment services in a Twitter space.
Although there isn’t any concrete information about whether Twitter will offer payment services, or if the platform is looking into crypto integrations, the crypto community remains optimistic.
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