Edward Snowden Calls MetaMask’s New Policy Update a “Crime”

Consensys, a New York-based blockchain software developer and MetaMask’s most popular Ethereum wallet, shocked crypto enthusiasts and proponents decentralization with its new privacy policy modifications. Edward Snowden, a prominent voice for privacy, called it a crime if it occurred in a society with justice.
Privacy concerns at MetaMask
Consensys updated its privacy statement on November 23, to inform MetaMask’s over 20 million users that if they transact while using Infura as their default Remote Procedure Call provider (RPC), their IP addresses and Ethereum wallet address will be recorded.
RPC, in simpler terms, is a software communication protocol which allows web3 apps to talk to blockchains in an entirely remote manner. Infura, a company making tools for APIs and blockchains, was purchased by Consensys in October 2019.
Snowden’s Snarky Remark
Edward Snowden took to twitter to express his dismay at Metamask’s attempt to record personal information under the “decentralization” tag. He believes that this is a ploy to commit a crime.

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Snowden later deleted the tweet and followed it up with a newer tweet in which he stated that MetaMask had contacted him and that they were working to provide clarification.

Metamask has informed me that they are working on a reply to the below question. Wallet/IP records shouldn’t be kept (or shared).


I have deleted my initial tweet. It contained an error. Consensys acquired Infura, which also owns Metamask. We look forward to hearing more.
— Edward Snowden (@Snowden), November 25, 2022
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Crypto Community Reacts
This news has been met with dismay by most users, according to the responses. The main complaint among crypto users is that crypto companies built on the ethos privacy, anonymity, and decentralization are slowly losing their appeal.
ConsenSys being an American company adds to the distrust of certain customers. This is because government authorities may be able to impose sanctions and fines easier by collecting such data.
MetaMask & Team Response
MetaMask responded to the arguments of experts and the entire crypto community. They tried to clear the air and stated that nothing had been changed in their privacy policies and that it was just a misunderstanding.

Our privacy policy was last updated on November 23rd.
MetaMask’s and Infura’s operations have not changed.
Here’s a statement clarifying what we do with user data (spoiler: nothing).
— MetaMask (@MetaMask), November 24, 2022
Joseph Lubin, Consensys & Ethereum CEO, also weighed in to defend the allegations of user privacy being stolen through the MetaMask App.
He denied that MetaMask was operated by Consensys, and said that it was the end users who operate the app. He said that Consensys was only involved in the development of the software.
He spoke about RPC and pointed out that
“While end users may be annoyed, all web3 dapps use RPC provider, which require this data to service users. There are few or no web3 products that can be used. The direction of travel is decentralization in RPC provision.”

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