Doom Game Now Available on Bitcoin; Here’s how you can Play

DOOM Game News: On the bitcoin blockchain, users can now play an unofficial copy of the 1993 first-person shooter Doom. It is not likely what Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin creator, had in mind. This is possible thanks to the Taproot upgrade, and the contentious Ordinals program. It also allows users to store unique assets there, similar to NFTs.
Nicholas Carlini created the game. It can be played with a keyboard or mouse. It is also identified as Inscription 466 in the Bitcoin blockchain. It is a crude imitation, but it has the same impact as the original Doom game. However, it gives players an idea of what Ordinals can do. Later, a revised version of the inscription was made. It also adds another level to the “It Runs Doom”, which is constantly growing and involves people who want to win the game. Reddit users have over 94,000 subscribers to a subreddit dedicated to this pursuit.


The short answer is: Sort of. Because content can be stored on Bitcoin’s decentralized, permissionless Blockchain, it can serve to be a type of unique historical record. According to The Ordinal Theory Handbook Bitcoin inscriptions are preferred to NFTs. These tokens are unique blockchain tokens that denote ownership of associated metadata, which is often stored off-chain in an centralized manner. Every inscription on Bitcoin through Ordinals can be called a “digital artworkifact”. However, it is decentralized and complete in its own right. Contrary to most NFTs, where metadata can be modified or deleted by the creators, this cannot be altered.
The Biggest Bitcoin Block to Be Minted
The community is still pondering the implications of adding NFTs on the oldest blockchain of the network. However, ordinary conversations continue to be a part of the NFT ecosystem.


Notably, the protocol allowed for the mining the largest Bitcoin block ever. This week, a high definition “Taproot wizard”, transaction had a transaction size of 3.96MB. This is just shy of Bitcoin’s 4MB block limit. It was also attached to a Satoshi. The DOOM Ordinal had a size of only 31.2 KB.
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