DMCC Partners with Comtech Gold To Digitize Gold Trading

ComTech Gold and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre have teamed up to make it possible for real gold bars to be traded on the blockchain. DMCC is the largest free-trade zone within the United Arab Emirates. Tradeflow was created by the DMCC to allow users to track the provenance and location of tangible products stored in its vaults in UAE. Tradeflow will also provide information about these gold bar deposits. Each CGO will represent one gram of gold and be kept in a DMCC vault. Each CGO that is kept in a DMCC vault will represent one gram of pure gold. A Tradeflow warrant will also be included with each deposit.
“Recent market events have highlighted that there is a need for greater transparency and crypto tokens that are backed by real-world assets. This is why Comtech Gold has partnered with Comtech Gold to allow the trading of tokenized gold bullion backed up by DMCC Tradeflow warrants.
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