Crypto Market News Live Updates 17 February: Bitcoin and other altcoins are experiencing a downward trend!

Crypto Market News Today Live Updates & Latest News Today: (17 February 2023): The most well-known digital asset is trading at $23,795, a decrease of 3.65% from the previous day and far below its high of $25,100. BTC has not crossed this threshold since August and it did so at that time, signalling growing optimism regarding inflation and the state the economy.
Both appeared to vanish quickly as the January Producer Price Index (PPI), which was a measure of the U.S. central banks’ ability to contain price increases that have plagued the US economy for over a year, unexpectedly rose by 0.7% month-over-month. Other altcoins, such as Ethereum, have fallen by 1.87%, to $1,660, and Binance by 4.0%, to $309 Crypto Market News Live updates The post Crypto Market News Live updates 17 February: Bitcoin and other altcoins continue to experience downward momentum CoinGape was the first to publish this article.