Cross-Chain Platform Router Protocol Launches Layer One Blockchain

Router Protocol announced the development of a Layer 1 Blockchain using Cosmos’ Tendermint Consensus. The protocol seeks to address existing problems in Blockchain Interoperability using its Router Chain.
The project seeks to address issues that exist in blockchain interoperability and the Router Chain.


The Router Chain will be a modular and composable framework that allows true-blue cross-chain distributed apps to be built in web3. Router Protocol claims this development will allow web3 to take on the next billion users.
Router unblocks large blockchain networks and unites them
The Router blockchain unblocks and unites larger blockchains like Polygon, Ethereum, as well as non-EVM ecosystems. Router allows cross-chain transactions to be delegated, which is a great way to unite non-EVM ecosystems such as Cosmos and Substrate-based ones. Router Chain will be a data-aggregation layer for all of the networks mentioned.

1/ We have created a Layer-1 Blockchain using @cosmos Tendermint Consensus in order to solve existing problems in Blockchain Interoperability.
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The Devnet is now live:
— Router Protocol (@routerprotocol), February 15, 2023

The Router chain is protected by its underlying tendermint consensus engine and a decentralized network validators. The network offers three levels security, the first being the blockchain level. The underlying Byzantine Fault Tolerant Tendermint Conensus provides the blockchain level security.
The bridge level is the second level of security. This is where all inbound and outbound requests must be authenticated. The third level of security is the application level. Here dApps are authenticated individually to sign the contract on Router Chain.
How do dApps work on Router Chain?

Router Chain allows decentralized apps to interact with any ecosystem without the need of a bridge. The infrastructure allows dApps access to the benefits of each such a: ecosystem growth, liquidity and community adoption or the most important technical features of each network. Router protocol allows stateful interactions among contracts on a chain in a secure and decentralized manner.
Router Protocol raised $4 Million in January last year from well-known investors like QCP, Polygon and Wintermute.

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