Craig Wright Assures XRP Is Gone; Ripple CTO Counters

XRP News: David Schwartz and Craig Wright, self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventors, have been arguing about the XRP lawsuit result. Ripple CTO targeted Wright this time in a case involving blockchain developers.
According to reports, the UK Court of Appeal has overturned a decision by the High Court that would have decided whether blockchain developers owe legal obligations to their users. It is expected that the case will determine whether users have to return digital assets stolen.


Ripple CTO called this lawsuit absurd, while Craig Wright claims that he doesn’t require anyone to write code. Schwartz claimed that a self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor is trying to persuade people to run the code.
Wright was also suing developers to get them code. Wright said that the lawsuit will force developers to follow existing law. Wright stated that Ripple is not following these rules. Read More XRP News…


Craig Wright, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, was questioned about his implied integration. Schwartz inquired about the actions Wright was trying to compel, and asked him to discuss the code Bitcoin nodes should use.
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Self-described bitcoin inventor, he said that Ripple doesn’t follow the law and tells lies about decentralization. Schwartz’s ability to understand the law was also joked about. Ripple’s CTO resisted, calling Wright’s argument without any conceivable justification.

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